About Spraggins Auto Repair Shop in Longview

Get to Know Longview’s Feel-Good Auto Repair Shop

In 2001, Tony and Melissa Spraggins took their life savings—all of $500—and rented a little building in Longview, TX where they started our family auto repair business. Then, in April of 2017, the Spraggins purchased Longview Radiator and Automotive, merging the two auto repair shops into one. We now have a growing team of certified and reliable mechanics, with three of the 10 Spraggins children joining in the adventure.

With his own auto repair shop, Tony wanted to provide the Longview community with an automotive service facility where they could come in and not be exposed to vulgar calendars and posters or hear obscene language. Our family’s goal is to make sure our customers trust us and feel comfortable leaving one of their most valuable possessions in our care. Today, Tony has almost 39 years of auto repair experience, diagnosing and repair vehicles.

Spraggins Auto Repair Shop

“I love getting to know our customers and making sure their experience at Spraggins Auto Repair is very positive.”- Tony Spraggins

Meet Our Longview Mechanics & Auto Service Professionals

  • Tony Spraggins - Owner
    Tony SpragginsOwner

    Tony loves people. He loves his family, and he loves God with all his heart. When he was just 14 years old, he started working in a transmission shop sweeping floors, and the rest is history. Now, he is an ASE-certified mechanic with nearly four decades of automotive experience. Tony is married to Melissa, and they have 10 children and three grandchildren. They love working together.

  • Melissa Spraggins – Owner
    Melissa SpragginsOwner

    Melissa is the glue that holds Spraggins Auto Repair together. She takes care of the books and serves the business and our customers however and wherever she is needed. She is the one more phase of accountability for everyone in the business to do what's right. Melissa loves God and her family to no end. She thoroughly enjoys family gatherings. 

  • Tony Mathis – Service Advisor
    Tony MathisService Advisor

    Tony 2, as we call him, came with the building. He worked at Longview Radiator and Automotive for nine years, and when the Spraggins bought LRA, he stuck around. We are very thankful to have Tony as part of our team. He is ready to help you with whatever your vehicle needs and is excellent at communicating with customers and explaining automotive services.

  • Joshua Spraggins – Automotive Technician
    Joshua SpragginsAutomotive Technician

    Josh grew up following Tony around in the shop, learning from him. He has officially been part of the Spraggins team since 2011. He is ASE-certified and is an amazing automotive diagnostician. Josh is also an eagle scout. He is married to Kristen, and they have two beautiful dogs.

  • Zachary Spraggins – Automotive Technician
    Zachary SpragginsAutomotive Technician

    Zach also grew up in the shop. His first job was here, and then he left to work for a local recycling company and as a lifeguard for Pirtle Boy Scout Camp. When he came back, he became a service advisor for several years before we needed him to move back into the shop as a technician. He is doing a great job for our customers. Zach is an eagle scout, too, and he is married to Lauren. They are avid outdoors people.

  • Joshua Castleberry
    Joshua CastleberryAutomotive technician
  • Kevin Jackson
    Kevin JacksonService Advisor